lundi 19 décembre 2011

Le Soldat Rose

Bonjour chers visiteurs, voici une petite recherche effectuée dans le cadre d'un test pour la production du film "Le soldat Rose" de Louis Chedid. J'espère que c'est pas trop la pagaille.

Hello dears, here is a few drawings made as a production test for a movie called "Le Soldat Rose" (hear "The Pink Soldier"), by song writer Louis Chedid. It is a bit messy, I'm just trying things.

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Pink le chat

I think he wants to say something...

A nice day to you all :)

jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Nucleus "micro show"

Hello all, on December 10th, the gallery Nucleus will be presenting a "micro show",the concept for the show is that artists will complete the thought "What if" by creating small or "micro" pieces. Here is my contribution to this event, the first one is acrylic on Fabriano, the second is just graphite. They both are around 6x6 inches. Unfortunately I can't attend the show (as I'm in France), I hope that you will like it anyway. So thanks a lot to Nucleus for the invitation, you can get more information here about the exhibit. I wish a nice winter to everyone !

vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Wild things

Here are a few quick colorsketches. It was made out of an assignment from the brilliant art director Daisuke Tsutsumi (art director on Toy Story 3), who was giving a colorscript masterclass this weekend in Paris. I'd like to thank by the way my good friend Paul Abadilla for the info. It was really inspiring and constructive, and Dice is a really cool guy.

mardi 12 avril 2011

Test scene

Test scene from Maël GOURMELEN on Vimeo.

Hello everyone, here is a test scene I did for the current project that I'm working on, beside my actual job. While it is a very short movie (around 1:20), it's gonna be very long to make it alone.
I am still cranking on the rest of the animation now (without thinking about color and composit), I know the render looks a little bit rough and sketchy, but I would like to stay as close as possible from the early concepts...
I hope that you will enjoy it.

vendredi 1 avril 2011

Don't miss Pooh !

Just a bit of advertising here, the movie will be in theaters, july 15 in the US and april 13 in France. I got the huge pleasure to animate a tiny bit on it, the story's really cute and funky, don't miss it !

jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Von Rothbart, from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

Here is just a personal vision of the evil sorcerer, from Marius Petipa and Noureev's ballet.
I apologize to the purists if I am mistaking about the character.