dimanche 16 novembre 2014

2014 Catching Up

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since the last post and I'd really like to keep this place alive. The fact is that, since I got back from Los Angeles were I've been working on ME AND MY SHADOW at Dreamworks Animation in 2013, I had a fairly busy year of 2014, working independently from my place in Paris. I would indeed love to share the work I did these past few months, but unfortunately and for the reason you may know, I will have to wait before being allowed to show anything. So the stuff I did does include some development for Aardman Animation on a project directed by Peter Lord, same thing on a TV show directed by the super nice Jan Lachauer (Room on the Broom). I've been keeping up 2D animation too, with a contribution on the end credits sequence of THE BOXTROLLS for Laika, and a few scenes on Juanjo Guarnido's project FREAK OF THE WEEK for the swedish Metal band Freak Kitchen. I've been animating with some good friends there.

Next to this I wanted to announce that my first short film THE INSPECTOR AND THE UMBRELLA is finished and will hopefully soon be released in festivals and internet.

I will post new things pretty soon, including animation pencil tests and some personal stuff that I'm currently developping. I hope that you can enjoy it ! And thanks a lot to those who keep passing by !

Cheers !

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Gregory Georges a dit…

J'ai hâte voir ton court. J'espère que tout roule pour toi.
La bise ;-)

Alex_Munguia a dit…

please please please submit your animation to a las vegas film festival. It would be a treat!

Maël Gourmelen a dit…

Greg >> on pourrai déjeuner un midi et je te montrerai ça. J'espère que ça roule aussi de ton côté.

Alex >> I'd like to submit it to as much festivals as possible, (as long as I can.) So why not to Las Vegas !

Gregory Georges a dit…

J'aimerai beaucoup, mais je ne suis plus sur Paris depuis un petit moment - si je monte je te dis.

Unknown a dit…

Great to see you back on the blog! Can't wait to see the things to come, your work's always awesome.
Very much looking forward to seeing your short, Mael. I guess I'll have to wait for a festival somewhere in the Tokyo area :)
Bonne continuation !

Unknown a dit…

Hello Mr. Mael, i just wanted to tell you that i am a big fan of your work!!, and that i am expecting to see "the inspector and the umbrella" since you first showed us the piece of animation that you had done at the time. i Bet its going to be great!!
I also wanted to ask you if you were open to come to mexico some time to an animation convention. Finally i wanted to ask a fan question of what art/ animation schools do you recommend, i am a high school student and i really want to make animation.
Thank you very much for having this blog!! its exciting and amazing!!!!

Maël Gourmelen a dit…

Pas de souci Greg.

Merci Will ! I still need to solve some legal music issues. Then I'll try to send it a bit everywhere.

Mr Juan : Thank you a lot sir. I'm glad that you enjoyed it ! I'm always open for animation events.
Now about the schools, the main in america would be Calarts in California, Ringling college in Florida and Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada. It's always good to start with a classical course. But the most important remains the hard work, doing your own things on the side and to not always follow others. That can be the hard part actually.

All the best to you.

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